Counsel From the Zeus Team

The sole proprietor of a small — but growing! — UAS company was ready to diversify his launch sites. While he held a Basic Subscription with Zeus Weather, he was still using an expensive outside consultant to decide which additional locations were appropriate for his launches.

  • Problem: information overload. The owner had reduced his list, but was unable to allocate enough time to the final decision-making. He had been repeatedly disappointed with the additional cost of the consultant and needed to make his decision quickly.

  • Solution: suggestions from the Zeus Team. The entrepreneur took advantage of the Historical Data promotional offer. He was able to keep his money and save his time, efficiently selecting the perfect new locations. He then upgraded to a Plus Subscription to monitor his new active launch sites and keep an eye on his secondary inactive options.

uav company owner pleased with pinpoint forecasts

Optimization of Time and Money

UAV firm saves money with understandable weather reports

The partners of a medium-sized UAV company were attempting to become more streamlined and cost-effective. Hoping to spend time launching, not deciphering weather model data for their many launch sites, the partners turned to the Zeus Team for help.

  • Problem: wasting valuable time. Their launch team members were skilled at analyzing weather forecasts. However, the partners no longer wanted to pay a salaried employee to spend valuable time examining multiple complex weather websites, searching for the perfect time to launch.

  • Solution: straightforward reports from Zeus. The partners signed up for a Premium Subscription and the launch team members no longer squandered valuable time reviewing all the weather models. Now the team simply checks for a GO or NO GO from Zeus and downloads the report!

Testimonials From the Field