What is Zeus Weather

Zeus Weather provides a dependable tool for aviation and Unmanned Aerial Systems. Producing worldwide pinpoint hourly forecasts and custom weather reports, Zeus Weather ensures every launch is successful. Zeus uses your launch site coordinates and customizable parameters to produce unique GO / NO GO forecasts for all your launch site locations. 

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A Description of Our Products

Seven Day Forecast

Unable to find a weather service that provides accurate, uncomplicated forecasts to suit your aviation needs? Let Zeus do the work for you with its unique GO / NO GO hourly forecasts, which are based on your parameter limitations. All you need are your launch site coordinates.


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Historical Data

Zeus will help you decide which time of year is best for your launches by giving you access to archived weather data. For just $79 per month you can see whether your launch would have been a GO or NO GO during the Apollo 11 launch mission, July 20, 1969!


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Launch Site Recommendations

Don't know where you want to launch? Zeus will use past and current global weather data to find the most suitable launch site to meet your launch needs and limitations.


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How Can We Help?

flight cancellation due to bad weather

The Zeus Tool reduces the risk of failed launches to save you time and mitigate your financial losses.

frustrated annoyed analyst at computer

Zeus understands the stress of deciphering model data and will eliminate the time you spend analyzing it.

remote location mountains

Zeus uses pinpoint forecasts from almost everywhere on the globe to provide you accurate, live forecasts and historical weather data.

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